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Wednesday, November 07, 2007!
, ♥

i've moved :D goodbye dear blogspot. you've been good ((:

9:22 PM,♥
now, smile(:
Monday, November 05, 2007!
, ♥


lk FCUKING BITCH luhh. seriously, i feel like comitting hara-kiri. wad i did was equally suicidal. no lame shit as excuse, it was plain SILLY, STOOPID and NONSENSE. now, bear the heartache and disappointment. well, u can relive the moment wen u sit for it again next year. I SOO DESERVE THAT!im friggingly disgusted with myself. mite as well i shove the ignited bunsen burner down my throat. i bet that would be less painful then this. DAMMNIT BITCHH! urr sucha disppointment.HOW TO GET A NOW!!! nur sakinah nasiha, ur a LET DOWN. gaah!

anw. dear cute private candidate :) thanks for appearing when i least expect. as distracting as u are, ALWAYS minggling near my class, and taking the same papers that i do. thank god im in the last class so i get to sit with the private candidates.we shall have coffee after this whole nightmare is over. ohh, and after i get thru my depression.

i always get depression after sitting for chem paper 3. thats because urr plain stoopid. BITCHH.


11:41 AM,♥
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Friday, October 26, 2007!
, ♥

if anything, words spoken these past few days is giving me the creeps, DEJA-VU. puhlease, no more. i've had enuff of tears of agony and the annoying incessant guilty voice in me. my paucity of feelings rite now doesn make me immune to the nonsense that's stirring up. imannya kuat, steady luhh pak haji. go figure!

7:52 PM,♥
now, smile(:
Monday, October 22, 2007!
for the _______ times, ♥

SUDDENLY. i was attacked by labour pains. like OMG. opps, just cramps. nevertheless, i was walking as though i was in the last week of gestation, while trying to maintain that air of nonchalance. WHATEVER nana. worst attack so far. anyway, this what happened during the festive season....




lets take driving test in a month's time. VROOM...


6:25 PM,♥
now, smile(:
Tuesday, October 16, 2007!
confused; puzzled; etc.., ♥

dear dina and fuzz, im alive and kicking. well barely alive,at least.

ohh, remind me that i have a life, friends and family that still needs attention. the world does not revolve around me alone. yes, i know that. but cut me some slack. im only trying to make my life better. im sorry if i shut out every single person. i know im shutting out pple. sorry my sweets. next time, i promise. give me 6 more weeks. then we'll do the usual star-gazing, lunch date, and wadeva nonsense that we used to.

ohh guess whatt. im back to that old comtemplating, second-guessing girl. in short, confused. thank god for A levels. at least i dont have to think about it. ahh, blessing in disguise.


12:19 AM,♥
now, smile(:
Friday, September 28, 2007!
, ♥

reading fadz's blog = reading some political essay *:*(my FUZZY face, cute rite?) totally get the meaning of FUZZY thoughts. HAHA.

reading dina's tagboard = reading OPEN mengumpats about ME. THANKS UHH. next time we meet, both of youu can talk about me in FRONT of me. lol.

ps, dina & fadz, i love both of your analysis about urr ketiaks, but not on my tagboard puhlease. don't pollute my tagboard. HAHAHA

reading faiz's sms = AWWW. 'hurry and finish ur exam, den we go crazy okay.' YAY faiz. i CANT wait to see what your crazy ideas are.

ohh. now i need to get pink(again!) kurung because sue and ibu has pink ones. now i can go shopping! :D


5:24 PM,♥
now, smile(:
Tuesday, September 25, 2007!
classic moments, ♥

i was rummaging through my old stuff and came across dozens of old pictures. not exactly old, when i was im secondary school. i cant believe 2 years passed. yet, every picture carries a disticnt memory of what happened during that moment. i swear we've evolved from being ugly ducklings to almost gorgeous swans. HAHA. faiz has grown at least 10 inches taller, now that he's taller than me. ifa remains as the queen bee, while dina definitely gained some weight. and i lost alot. HAHA. hasif's hairstyle has taken a turn for the better.

racial harmony 2003.don't we look immature and sooo young. HAHAHAHAHA. tis pic is FUNNEH. ohh, ifa's whinning because faiz refuses to count 1,2,3 properly before snapping the photo resulting in us looking dreadful. HAHAHAHA

look! its us in 2003. that's a good 4 years back. ohh, we went out during chinese new year. and most of the shops were close -___-

modern day beauties. HAHA. god! how we change.

and i realise i've never had a bff like how dina has ifa and ifa has dina. its nice to have a bff like that but im happy with what i have. well, i have maria now. and dina and ifa will always be my numero uno girlfriends. like how, im proud that ifa made it to be flying with silkair. she may not know this, but im really,really proud of her. i remember those days when we were in sec 2, we use to hangout at each others place after school. and during my bdae that year, ifa bought a cake and used wooden splint as candles! HAHAHAHAHA. ohh, and there was this phase, when all of us were head over heels wif this HOT sec 4 chinese guy from kak amalina's class, cheeang rite? god, tt's classic. and how we open up to each other at mac. they were really there for me through thick and thin ( okayy, its starting to sound cheesy!)

ohh, NOW, the boys ( hasif and faiz ) are playing hide and seek. mane korang?!

9:37 AM,♥
now, smile(: